‘As Soon as I open my Eyes’ by Jayne Mowles

As soon as I open my eyes

As soon as I open my eyes in the morning,
A thousand thoughts start to rush round in my head;
“Heavens!” I think, “Can’t you give me a second?
“I just need a minute to get out of bed!”

But no, it appears that my brain senses daylight ,
So that will be that for the rest of the day,
Thoughts and ideas and things I must do
Like a million bees buzzing I can’t swat away!

By the time I have showered, my list has grown longer,
And cleaning my teeth means that list has grown more,
It’s hardly surprising I get down the stairs
Then go back up forgetting what I went up for!

Into the car, I’m already exhausted!
How many things can a human brain hold?
One thing’s for sure – and I back out the driveway –
Mine must be shrinking, or am I just old?!

I wonder, how is it my brain is so picky,
Remembering things I would rather forget,
But leaving out details I’d find really useful,
Like “Take your umbrella, it’s raining!”….. I’m wet!

Old thoughts and ideas and new information
All vie for position and jostle for space,
If I pass by a mirror, is it any wonder
Confusion is plastered all over my face?!

How do I get all this mess in some order?
Surely some whizz kid’s invented an app!
To navigate round in my head at the moment
Needs more than a compass, a flask and a map!

As well as the thoughts and ideas to deal with,
There’s also the questions that squeeze themselves in,
With so little room in my mind for more action,
The battle is on over who’s going to win!

Without time to ponder, the day’s almost over,
It’s out to the shops and then back to the car,
Picking up kids, making tea, do the housework,
No wonder my marbles fall out of the jar!

And sometimes, at night it can be just as bad
When my head hits the pillow, a fresh wave arrives
A whole load of “What if’s” and “Did I’s” and “Should I’s”
Start dancing in circles behind my closed eyes!

At last, as I’m drifting, one last question finds me
“Is there someone you might have forgotten about?”
I’m sorry, God, now’s not a good time for talking,
Hold on…
Did I spend another day drowning you out?

© 2017, Jayne Mowles (ppG)

Jayne Mowles, a wordsmith and poet writes from Northgate Church, Chester.

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