Launch of iConnect Arts and Media by Nancy Mbaya

Northgate Church Chester, which is synonymous with preaching and celebrating the pure undiluted and unadulterated Word of God, is utilizing key areas of transforming the city of Chester, United Kingdom and the world at large through the Family, Faith, Education, Media, Business, Government, and the Arts. The Church’s main strategy is creative, vibrant and diversified with the involvement of every member from all ages.

The iConnect Arts and Media a subgroup of iConnect Influence is expected to cover the Arts such as Drama, Writing, Poetry, Dance, Photography, Design, Monologues, Music Videos, Documentaries, Short Stories, Movie making, Sculpture, Paintings, Drawings, Installations and other art forms among others.

The Media arm of the subgroup will include Journalism such as production of newsletters, magazines and newspaper alongside news and current affairs programmes for selected Television and Radio stations. Other forms of media expression will include Blogging and Vlogging, Video production and photojournalism. To carry out these activities the subgroup plans to utilise both the traditional and digital forms of the arts and media to signpost the love of Christ, which Northgate as a church stands for. iConnect Arts and Media will therefore be involved in the print, broadcast and social media.

Tuesday, 4th July 2017, heralded the inauguration of iConnect Arts and Media, in Northgate Church, Chester. A first of its kind in the history of the Church, iConnect Arts and Media encapsulates what Northgate church is and stands for-an expression of God’s love using the power of the arts and the media.

The inaugural meeting was part of iConnect group conceived by Northgate Church to reach out to the city and the world. iConnect Arts and Media is all about promoting God and kingdom principles using all arts and media forms. It is about leading people to the love of Christ and shinning His light to the world. The group recognizes the power of the Holy Spirit to give enablement for this project. iConnect Arts and Media is all about dreaming big –through the power of God Almighty. It recognizes that God is at work in the city of Chester both to do and to will of His own good pleasure.

The birthing of this group under the umbrella of iConnect, indeed reflects what the arts, media stands for – creativity. Rachel Gray kick-started the inauguration off by putting the group through a mental and creative exercise. This broke the ice and set the tone of the meeting. With the exercise over and creative juices running, members of iConnect Arts and Media got down to the business of the day by brainstorming on the nitty gritty of what a Christian Arts and Media group entails.

What ensued demonstrated the variety, passion and wealth of talent within this initial group.  It also opened up the vistas of possibilities where this group can develop and express some of the depth of Father God’s creativity.

Nancy Brian Mbaya a journalism professional, and media and arts practitioner writes from Northgate Church, Chester.

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