OverJOYed! by Cathy Pettingale

We came together, we ate cake, we worshiped, we danced, we delighted in the presence of the Holy Spirit. On September 23rd, over 70 women from churches across Chester attended the first OverJOYed gathering.

Leading events was Shelia Lister, with the wonderful Abby Clark fronting the worship band. We were blessed to hear powerful testimony from Rachel Gray and Heather Lincoln. Both spoke passionately about finding the joy of the Lord in very difficult life situations.

The word brought by Lindsey Tonks was inspirational. The main points were: So what is the joy of the Lord? The joy of the Lord is not the joy of circumstances or temperament. It is something that only those who know the Lord can enjoy in spite of circumstances.

In good times and bad we should be experiencing the joy of the Lord. Paul in the book of Philippians wrote this book whilst in prison! He was having a rough time but he was in tune with spiritual reality.

How can we know the joy of the Lord? We must know how much God loves us and have a true understanding of what Jesus did on the cross for us. Spending time in God’s word, focusing our attention on Him, and choosing to worship Him all the time will bring us joy.

We need the Holy Spirit to fill us, and we should allow him to do a work in us which helps us have joy.

As a result of the many requests to organise another event, the second iConnect Ladies OverJOYed will take place on Saturday 10th February, 2018.

Cathy Pettingale writes from Northgate Church, Chester.

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