‘Praise Him In The Triangle’ Service by Nancy Mbaya

It was a time of praise and worship, fellowship, testimonies, interactions, prayers and sharing of barbecued delicacies and refreshments with family, friends, church members and the Chester community as Northgate Church played host to ‘Praise Him in the Triangle’ service on Sunday, 20th August 2017.

Praise Him in the Triangle’ was an outdoor service organized in the grassy area outside the Church by the roundabout to celebrate and share with loved ones and the Chester community about God’s goodness, mercies, everlasting love and above all His redemptive power.

It was a great time of refreshing as families and friends socialised and interacted with another in an atmosphere reminiscent of the days of the apostles when they broke bread and shared wine together.

Welcoming everyone to the service, Guy Lister one of the Church elders disclosed that Northgate Church wants to be a positive influence in the city of Chester having recognised that God has called it as a community to impact the city.

Guy spoke about the significance of Jesus Christ as the Vine, the Good Shepherd and the Resurrection. He stressed that as the Vine, Jesus Christ has made a way for us to be connected and linked to Him and to one another; as the Good Shepherd, He guides us, takes care of us, never leaves us nor forsakes us; and as the Resurrection and the Life, Jesus Christ has set the perfect example of how we should live on earth. His eternal purpose was to deal with our sinful nature which has separated mankind from God. According to Guy, Jesus went to the cross and took away all of our sins by putting it upon himself, forgiving us and setting us in a right course with Him. Guy enjoined everyone to trust and believe in Jesus Christ who is alive today and forever.

High point of the ‘Praise Him in the Triangle’ service included songs of praise and worship led by the Northgate Church Worship Team; prophetic declaration and prayers over the city of Chester and its surrounding for God’s mighty visitation through healing, restoration, salvation and blessings; distribution of leaflets to people as they walk by; as well as testimonies by Heather Lincoln and Dave Tonks about their transformative walk and work with Jesus Christ from the time of their conversion to running the Christian race and how they overcame adversities, trials and temptations through the power of Christ who is at work in their lives both to do and to will of His own good pleasure.

The ‘Praise Him in the Triangle’ service was capped with a barbecue prepared and led by Al Gray and Rich Nutt with families and friends enjoying the sumptuous sausages, burgers and drinks with one another while music played in the background.

Overall, the beautiful summer weather provided the conducive atmosphere for such a wonderful and refreshing time in HIS presence.

Nancy Brian Mbaya a journalism professional, and media and arts practitioner writes from Northgate Church, Chester.

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