Red Letter Day by Dale Berry

Red Letter Day

One Wednesday, not so long ago in Chester.

Lord. You unravelled me with a melody; today I need to see how You’ve put me back together.

My parking space, reserved Yesterday, kicks off the working day well.

Thoughts on the big task at hand, are interrupted by seeing the homeless couple. They’re sitting on the cold floor in front of a shop. Can’t be late today. I stop and vow to come back on my break, “I’ll get you both a hot drink if you’re still about.”

Time for some fresh air. A bit later than I wanted but at least the morning clutter is out of the way. Now, I’ve got a promise to keep.

They’ve moved on. Did I do the right thing? A red van drives past. On it’s side in big white letters, Symphony.

The difficult task started, its time for lunch. On the way to pay my bills I catch up with the guy selling this week’s Big Issue. I’m believing You now.

My favourite bench is free and in the sun; You are so good to me.

Monster slain with 15 minutes to spare. Is this the Pace of Grace?

Time for tea with my friend. Becoming better brothers as we find more of our common ground from the past.

The drive home is misty, but accomplished safely. Thank You so much!

As I gently fall asleep. Oh Jesus; let’s pick this up again in the morning…

Dale Berry writes from Northgate Church

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