Snow Shoes by Dale Berry

Snow Shoes

I’ve had my fun today, now it’s time to get back home! If I head to the cross I can see how big that jam really is and nip to the loo as well.

Toilets are locked but there’s a homeless guy tucked in close to the lights. I don’t have much, but the half a sandwich in my pocket fits the bill nicely. Good deed done for the day?

Down the road and over the bridge traffic is busy, but still moving. By the time I get going in my car it should be flowing quite nicely.

Snow and ice cleared, I’m ready to drive home. Just about to pull away, a muffled yet determined voice asks for me through the window. I can’t sit on my warm seat for this, so we relocate to a the pavement. Turns out it’s a soldier away from his unit and in his pack there’s a window scraper that could help me get away quicker next time. He’d seen it’s been a long road for us both tonight:

“Can I be a pirate and steal some of your treasure?”

With my bladder starting to sing, I can offer little more. We exchange a warm handshake and say farewell, “You’ll find that person with enough cash in their wallet I’m sure!”

As he strides off into the snow I realise I nearly forgot to ask his name. Thank you again Aaron for making my drive home such a pleasure.

But the Lord said to Moses, “Put the walking stick of Aaron in front of the Law again. It will be something special to see against those who go against My Word. Then you may put an end to their complaining against Me, so they will not die.” Numbers 17:10

My little adventure on a rather wintry Friday night after work. With weekend travel plans and beating the rush hour looming large, a longer route than normal to my car turned out to be the best way forward.

Dale Berry writes from Northgate Church

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